Rotating Themes and Exhibits at the Cade

As part of the museum’s Creative team, I’ve worked on visuals for new museum-wide themes and their accompanying exhibits.

I lead a team of designers to create these materials from a written exhibit story, which gets transformed into kiosk and build graphics, flyers, signs, slides, and marketing. Each theme and exhibit gets it’s own branding, image treatment, and visual language that can be seen throughout the whole museum experience.

The Cade Museum rotates a museum-wide theme three times a year. Each theme has a unifying story, which includes an exhibit and interactive activities for guests. The stories are told through unusual connections, “aha!” moments, and inventor highlights.
︎︎︎ Branding + Identity
︎︎︎ Illustration + Typography
︎︎︎ Exhibit Design

Exhibit graphics go on movable double-sided kiosks and on custom-built interactives.

From Space to Video Games to Music, we cover lots of different topics to pique the interest of museum guests.

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