The Great Eggscape

Board Game Design

The Great Eggscpe is a board game inspired by puns, egg-realated trivia, and whimsical illustration. This was created on a team with Dillan Murillo, Bryan Diaz, and Alejandra Alonzo-Majagranzas.

The gameplay is inspired by these board games: Candyland, Cranium and the Spanish board game “Oca”.

Spring 2017

︎︎︎ Game Design
︎︎︎ Print Design
︎︎︎ Illustration

My role included art-direction, illustration, layout of the cards, board, and instruction book, and design of the wordmark and typography.


Players play as eggs trying to escape dangers such as cats, frying pans, and scramblers), to get to the safety of the Eggcopter. To advance, players roll the dice and draw random cards.
Challenge Cards: Players complete physical challenges such as drawing prompts or charades.

Eggxam Cards: Players advance by answering egg-related trivia questions correctly.

Mystery Cards: Random unexpected effects that may help or hurt the player along the way.

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