Tea Break

A Tea-Centric Guidebook for the Graphic Design Process

Looking at the relationship between two different processes that I am familiar with and immersed in, this book serves as an exploration of how tea and graphic design can be related conceptually, inviting a more intentional space for growth.

Spring 2021

︎︎︎ Research
︎︎︎ Print Design


Through conveying a sense of patience and helping graphic designers think about their process, resilience, and relationship to their own work, Tea Break aims to reframe the busy culture that most graphic designers are aware of.

A common “graphic designer stereotype” is that they consume a lot of coffee! Tea invites a slower, more intentional space for growth, reflection, and meditation while embracing the creative process.

keywords: - didactic - calm - present - balance - resilience - creativity

Planning pages

Visual Language

I collected most of my source materials through Unsplash, and began to manipulate them in a limited color palette. The book blends both neutral and meditative colors with pops of color. The image of the “gaiwan” became central to the brand of Tea Break, a simple piece of teaware prominent in the gong-fu brewing tea ceremony.


Tea Break includes a guidebook and a sample box of tea to compliment the guidebook.

Photo created by freepik - www.freepik.com

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